Prayer Theme for October 2023

CCP October Prayer Theme
This month we are praying for the work of the Salvation Army in
Clitheroe. Elizabeth and Brenda have a number of prayer
• Sunday Church. Please pray that we will be able to help people who
come to us to a better lifestyle, and that our patience, love and care
will point them to Jesus. Please pray also that we will be given
wisdom regarding how to help in the best way.
• The SA continue to open their doors weekly for a free lunch. This
has led to other kinds of practical help in the Name of Jesus. Please
give thanks to our Lord for those who have come along side to give
us practical support, which enables us to meet the need.
• Music Programme. The SA in Clitheroe have recently began a new
music programme for people with disabilities. Please pray that the
contacts we make with those who attend, with Carers, and with
family members will have a spiritual impact.
• Dementia Friendly Friendship Group We would appreciate prayers
for our Dementia Friendly Friendship group, in conjunction with
Burnley Football Welfare Department. So far it is quite a small group.
We are aware that there are lonely people in Clitheroe who could
benefit from this venture. Please pray that new people will come in
to benefit from the company and the happy atmosphere.
• Prayer Meeting Our Prayer Meeting is growing. Please give thanks
to God for Noel, who leads the Prayer meeting and includes the newcomers in a gentle, thoughtful way, encouraging them to read out
written prayers.
• Addictions We continue to work with people who have addictions,
and messy lives. Due to the unpredictable nature of their lives, this
can be quite stressful. Please pray for strength and patience for both
of us.
• Food Poverty We also continue our work with fuel poverty, and
emergency food parcels when Food Bank is closed. Please pray that
the recipients of food from Food Bank and us, will recognise it is
prompted by the love of the Lord within us 


About Patricia Duxbury

I have lived in Lancashire for over 30 years, the last 15 of them in Clitheroe. I'm a former teacher and a member of St. Mary Magdalene's Church. I sing in the Church choir and am in the Open Church Group.

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