Prayer network

Prayer Network

‘Prayer is part of the mission of the Church. It is allowing God to do his work in us.’ Father Peter Huckle.


Do you sometimes feel love and concern for someone but cannot think of any way to help them practically? Well, the prayer network may be the answer. We are a group of all sorts of people at St Mary’s who are committed to pray at least once a week for those for whom prayer has been asked.

We have a list and keep it updated regularly on-line or by word of mouth and we meet about once every two months for an hour in the daytime. All the information we have is strictly confidential.

If there is anyone you would like us to pray for, we would love to hear from you – they do not need to be a member of St. Mary’s – or even a Christian come to that – God’s healing touch reaches everyone. If you would like to join the group yourself, please contact us.


Ann Goodbody 01200 427545