St. Mary’s Playgroup

St. Mary’s Playgroup


St. Marys Playgroup meets on Monday mornings 9.15 -11.15 (school term times only) in St Mary’s Centre.

When: 9.15-11.15am. School term times only.

Where: Lower hall in St Mary’s Centre. Access is via Paradise Lane that runs down the side of the centre. You can get to Paradise Lane via Church Street at the top or York Street at the bottom. The top route avoids steps but is down a section of cobbled street.

Who: Parents or carers with children under school age. Parents/carers stay with the children throughout the session.

What do we do? We have a large selection of toys and activities for the children. It’s a good opportunity for parents and carers to have a chat too.

In the middle of the session the children have a drink and a snack. Parents/carers have tea or coffee prepared by volunteers. After this everyone sits together for a sing-song  – and then it’s back to play!

Cost: £2.00

Contact Sarah Dent for more information: