For those who have a heart for prayer

and would like to meet via the phone line to pray together for those in need.

How to join in

The phone number is 0333 0110616 and the entry code is 5224270.  After entering the code you will be asked to press the £ sign, instead press the # sign.  The call is free.

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need” Hebrew 4:16

” Among the different ways of helping in the present world crisis, there is none which will compare in vital importance with that of wielding the force of prayer. More important than the most earnest thinking upon a problem, more important than a personal interview to influence an individual, more important than addressing and swaying an audience-far more important than these and all other forms of activity is the act of coming into vital communion with God. Those who spend enough time in actual communion with God to become really conscious of their absolute dependence on Him, shall change the mere energy of the flesh for the power of God. . . . ” It is indeed true that he that saveth his time from prayer shall lose it. And he that loseth his time, for communion with God, shall find it again in added blessing and power and fruitfulnr6ss.”- John R. Mott

” Wishes, cares, anxieties prepare the heart for prayer, but are
not prayer until they are converted into direct address, supplication,
and cry unto God.”-Adolph Saphir.

” The promises are not given to our wants, but to our petitions.”


Far up in the Alpine hollows, year by year, God works one of His marvels. The snow patches lie there, frozen into ice at their
edges from the strife of sunny days and frosty nights; and through that ice-crust come, unscathed, flowers in full bloom.
Back in the days of the bygone summer, the little soldanella plant spread its leaves wide and flat on the ground to drink in the sun-rays, and it kept them stored in the root through the winter. Then spring came, and stirred its pulses even below the snow-shroud. And as it sprouted, warmth was given out in such strange measure that it thawed a little dome in the snow above its head. Higher and higher it grew, and always above it rose the bell of air, till the flower-bud formed safely within it ; and at last the icy covering of the air-bell gave way, and let the blossom through into the sunshine, the crystalline texture of its mauve petals sparkling like the snow itself, as if it bore the traces of the fight through which it had come. And the fragile thing rings an echo in our hearts that none of the jewel-like flowers nestled in the warm turf on the slopes below could waken. We love to see the impossible done. And so does God. Hudson Taylor

You do not test the resources of God till you try the impossible.-
F. B. Meyer.

God loves with a great love the man whose heart is bursting with
a passion for the impossible.- William Booth.

From The Glory of the Impossible by L. Lilias Trotter.


About Patricia Duxbury

I have lived in Lancashire for over 30 years, the last 15 of them in Clitheroe. I'm a former teacher and a member of St. Mary Magdalene's Church. I sing in the Church choir and am in the Open Church Group.

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