How Much is Enough?

Food for Thought: how do you know when you’re giving enough?

1. Are you still giving the amount you always have? Are you still paying the same for anything from 5 years ago?

2. Are you giving per couple or per family? Divide your gift by two! Is that enough? Really?

3. Are you even giving as much as you spend on a coffee and the weekend newspapers? If not, are you giving sacrificially?

4. If you were given your year’s donation back, would you even notice?

Food for thought – but food in the Food Bank box would be even better!

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2 thoughts on “How Much is Enough?

  1. Andy Froud

    Great article Linda – thank you!

  2. Yes, good to hear, I hadn’t thought about giving in this way. The last time I heard this discussed was about 10 years ago when the vicar said “If you met Jesus today, now, you would at least buy him a pint” – 10 years ago you could buy a pint for £1.50! Oh how times change 🙂

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