Meet our bricklayers!

Will you help them build our prayer wall?

At our Education Sunday service, we hope to recruit members of TOAST, our regular Sunday morning young people’s group, to help build a prayer wall for local schools.

Everyone attending will be asked to write their hopes and dreams onto a ‘brick’, which will then be collected and ‘built’ into a wall of prayers to support our educational institutions.

So come along and make your ‘brick’ with us on 10th September at 9.30 am in the St Mary’s Centre – contrary to what Pink Floyd sang, all in all it’s good to be another brick in this wall!


About Linda Ainsworth

Pearl's a singer, but Linda's a writer, And they say that she once won a competition And had a short story broadcast on Woman's Hour. She helps out at St MM's church on the PCC And with Holy Communion for the Sick and Housebound. She doesn't come from round here.

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