Let’s Keep Connected!

Let’s Keep Connected – With or Without the Internet!

Now it’s even more important to keep in touch, if you don’t subscribe to St Mary Magdalene’s Parish Magazine, you’ll be missing out. It has news, stories, pictures, puzzles and a few lines to make you smile in every issue – and for your £5 subscription you receive 10 issues!

To subscribe, phone 01200 422828 (Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays 10 am – 1 pm) or e-mail admin@stmaryclitheroe.com with your name and address.  The subscription is £5 for the year. 

An e- mail address is also helpful because it means we can let you know when the magazines are ready. Please send or deliver your payment to the Parish Office when you sign up. 


About Linda Ainsworth

Pearl's a singer, but Linda's a writer, And they say that she once won a competition And had a short story broadcast on Woman's Hour. She helps out at St MM's church on the PCC And with Holy Communion for the Sick and Housebound. She doesn't come from round here.

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