Join Us at Candlemas and Share the Light!

Wish you could get back some of the warmth and light of Christmas in these bleak days? Don’t worry – it’s officially not all over yet: for us, Christmas lasts until 2nd February!

If you want to give the season a send-off with music, songs and candles galore, join us at 10 am to celebrate at our Candlemas Parade & Family Service. Light a candle for someone dear to you, re-start your New Year and find out how you can be a light for others in 2020.

If you want some me-time to listen to beautiful music, reflect and re-set, together with the opportunity to access the amazing benefits that singing together can bring (boosts the immune system; is a workout; improves your posture; helps with sleep; is a natural anti-depressant; lowers stress levels; improves mental alertness and boosts confidence among other things – what’s not to love?) come along to our Candlemas celebration of words, music and light at 5pm. We’ll be waiting to welcome you!

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