Join Us at Candlemas and Share the Light!

Wish you could get back some of the warmth and light of Christmas in these bleak days? Don’t worry – it’s officially not all over yet: for us, Christmas lasts until 2nd February!

If you want to give the season a send-off with music, songs and candles galore, join us at 10 am to celebrate at our Candlemas Parade & Family Service. Light a candle for someone dear to you, re-start your New Year and find out how you can be a light for others in 2020.

If you want some me-time to listen to beautiful music, reflect and re-set, together with the opportunity to access the amazing benefits that singing together can bring (boosts the immune system; is a workout; improves your posture; helps with sleep; is a natural anti-depressant; lowers stress levels; improves mental alertness and boosts confidence among other things – what’s not to love?) come along to our Candlemas celebration of words, music and light at 5pm. We’ll be waiting to welcome you!


About Linda Ainsworth

Pearl's a singer, but Linda's a writer, And they say that she once won a competition And had a short story broadcast on Woman's Hour. She helps out at St MM's church on the PCC And with Holy Communion for the Sick and Housebound. She doesn't come from round here.

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