A School blessing

Some schools will tell you: work hard so you can get good results. When you get good results you can get a good job. With the money you earn you can buy a nice car and a big house.

The End.

In this school we are far more ambitious for you: we want you to work hard to be extraordinary, caring, loving human beings. We want you to change the world for better, not just to think about yourself. We want you to stand up for justice, make friends, explore.

Love every minute you spend on this planet (or any other you choose to visit). We want you to fail spectacularly, then get up and try again. And again.

We want people to smile when they say your name.

Above all, may you live the life that God gives you, the life He has prepared for you. There is no limit to that life, there is literally no end.

May the blessing of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit be with you always. Amen


About Andy Froud

Vicar of St Mary Magdalene for the last 10 years and Priest in Charge of Christ Church Chatburn and St Leonard Downham for the last 4 years. Ask me about running then run away

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