Remembrance Sunday 2020

We invite you to remember with us at 11 am on 8th November 2020

How to mark Remembrance Sunday this year:

1 Be inspired. Everyone is feeling a huge range of emotions now: just stop and remember that Remembrance Sunday is about honouring the sacrifices of countless people in war. It’s not about us. It’s about them.

2 Reach out. Most of us will not be able to go to the War Memorial this year. But let’s remember together. Contact your neighbours; give them a ring, a text, an email, a shout over the wall. Tell them that you will be marking the 2 minute silence on November 8th at 11 am on your doorstep/in your front garden. Will they be joining you? Remember the NHS clap? We can do this together in our homes and continue to fight the covid 19 virus.

3 Get organised: ask someone on your street or road to be a timekeeper. They can remind people from 10.45 onwards what will be happening and make sure we are all together for 11 am

You can download an order of service here Town Remembrance Service. And/or you can tune in to Ribble FM either on a radio or here. Is there someone on your street with a big enough speaker to broadcast to the street? Again, don’t do it all yourself, get another neighbour involved. If you can’t, can someone read the words for the whole street? Or why not divide up the parts so it doesn’t all fall to one person.

4 Use the opportunity to do some good: just check how people are getting on. Are they OK for everything? What are they worried about? Are they confident to go out and if not how can you help?

5 Be inspired again. Clitheroe has always marked Remembrance Sunday and we will do so again this year, using the opportunity to not just remember loved ones but to look after our neighbours.