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Easter 2020

“I can’t wait till this is over with and we can get back to normal”. How many times have you heard that said or read that in the last few weeks? We yearn for a return to normality after the inconvenience, the boredom and the suffering of this current crisis. It will take some time…

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Palm Sunday

A week, as Harold Wilson famously remarked, is a long time in politics. A week can be a very long time in anyone’s life, of course. I don’t know if any of you, watching old TV programmes, feel it seems a long time ago. Look at those full streets and those people in restaurants and…

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I had a great lunchtime chat with Lewis from Ribble FM and Val Cooper who has come up with a novel waying of fundraising for our building project: Val thought to herself, what am I best at doing and what do I enjoy most? Working and meeting folk. So she has signed herself up for…

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A School blessing

Some schools will tell you: work hard so you can get good results. When you get good results you can get a good job. With the money you earn you can buy a nice car and a big house. The End. In this school we are far more ambitious for you: we want you to…

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